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Who is this Arts Pack for?​


Check out the story of My family and help me from the heart!

A family decided to move to another state in search of better life opportunities. They left everything behind, including their household belongings, friends and all they knew.

At first, they were excited about the move and believed that everything would be alright. But life in that city was not what they expected.

The job the father had found was not what they thought and it was hard to pay the bills, not to mention the limited opportunities. But, the desperation and discouragement shook this family a lot.

To make matters worse, the owner of the house where they were staying is asking for the house back. With no way out and wanting to go back home, but without money for it, they are desperate and see no way out.

For this reason, they are feeling lost and desperate, without hope of returning home.

The father, mother and three small children.

Little by little, sadness is taking over this family. They are without strength to move forward and are almost giving up on everything and their dreams.

Now they find themselves in a difficult situation, desperately needing help.

They dream of returning home, but without resources for this, they cannot achieve their dream.
They only need $3,000 to cover travel expenses, that's all...

Whoever has the opportunity to help this family achieve this dream of returning home will have the chance to show the true meaning of kindness and generosity.

You can help give a new meaning to this family's life, allowing them to go back home and start over.

We ask for your help, if you can help by buying this ART PACKAGE FOR RESTAURANTS AND DELIVERY for only $5 dollars it will help a lot!

All the money raised will be to help this family, so anything raised will be to help with the travel and moving.

This family is currently living in Brazil in the state of Maranhão and want to return to their city in Pará.

Everything will be filmed, and delivered to everyone who helped this family. Only those who helped can access the filming, we do not want fame and no recognition for helping the next!

On 06/20/2023, Vamos is recording live from their departure and arrival at his home.
Our greatest gratification will be helping this family!

Let's help!!!

You must be asking yourself: how much does all this cost?

Therefore, to help this family is priceless and you will even take this complete package of arts to Restaurants and Delivery, and the opportunity to change this family’s life… For a special price!

For Only $5,00

in sight​


You can also help with any value through Pix.:

Key Pix CPF : 029.256.402-30
Name: Tiago Maycon De Nazaré Oliveira Da Silva

“Let’s all join forces together and help this family that is going through difficulties. Together we can make her life lighter and happier!”